Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Storm

The sky is clear
yet animals are hasty
to reach shelter
from the incoming storm

Light and heat subside
overridden by the clouds
that bring forth the rage
of the incoming storm

Thunderous rain
and lightning bright
are symptoms the sky has taken
from the illness of the storm

Claps of thunder
boast and gloat
with the roar of the lion
as continues the storm

The worst hath past
clouds roll away
as abruptly as they came
as begin to subside doth the storm

The sky is clear
and from the hidden homes
return the animals
as endeth the storm.

Cancer the Crab

Your stars are in full swing 
Do not let yourself pinch through others 
Your razor sharp claws are something that could start a war 
So stay in the shadows for now 
If you wish to keep your friends 
By Henry

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Virgo Horoscope


22-August 22-September

Today is a great day for you! Everything that you do will be as successful as you can get. Today is the best time to try new things or to buy a lotto ticket. But be warned the next few days of your life may not be so successful. You could lose your job forever or accidently drive off a cliff but that of course is not important just enjoy your day but if anything happens it’s just the turn of the tide!
By Alec

Thursday, 6 March 2014

                                                         Star sign

                                         From the 23 of August - 22 of September

                          On this day you have two choices.
                          Be loyal and organised or,
                         don't be and face the wrath of
                         mother nature herself.

                         By Jayda


Today your emotions will get in your way
Do not let your dreams block your destiny from you anymore
So take that step right out the door
Or fall hopelessly away
From waht you need to say
And your nerves will behave.

By Henry

Libra horoscope



(September 23 ~ October 22)


Are you calm and curious because your knowledge of space is extinct?

You may need to stop and smell the roses, then your ruling planet Venus may help your blackness of space

By Karmen*-TsH_3GpB4fA*TdgkfU6p-JI*AAAAAAAADos*aAt24kLkqVg*s1600*libra.jpg


Libra Horoscope


(September 23 ~ October 22)


Your ruling planet is not in line.

This week, when you talk to your friends

your words will hurt their feelings like

a rose prickle.

To make your scales in balance,

draw a picture of your favourite thing

 in indigo blue.

By Rei





Cancer the crab


Today your stars have arrived

Your small weak hands are like a giant crabs claws

So stay inside with your curtains closed and wear you bunny slippers on your ears or you’ll lose friends by the dozen.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Star signs

You must be crazy to go out today, because terror and harm will lie in your way. You either go out or face it or stay, in your house with a bodyguard on side all day  
by joel