Sunday, 29 June 2014

Homework - Maths

This week choose some fraction, decimal, percentage conversions and post them in an interesting way to your blog. You might choose a rap, song, poem, story or anything you think will help you remember.
Here is my attempt at a poem.

1/2 is 0.5 - a good one to know
if you want 50% off at the show
1/4 is 0.25 - not much of a pie
"25% I wanted more," I sigh
1/5 is 0.2 - that's even less
20% a very small mess
3/4 or 0.75 sounds better
75% is a real 'go getter'
1/3 is 0.333 - that repeats
33% more would be really neat
2/5 is 0.4 and nearly a half
40% would just make me laugh
2/3 is 0.666 - another repeater
66% would be even neater
3/5 is 0.6 - making 60% (percent)
80%, 4/5, 0.8 would be more money leant
Now my brains tired from all these conversions
Try some yourself , I'm sure you can learn some!!

Mrs Stretch

Fabulous Students at Russley School Music Night

Such talented performers.

Sunday, 22 June 2014


Coming back from Disneyland we pulled into the hotel car park. I asked my mum, 'What's for tea?'
"Um, we will get something from the hotel restaurant ok?"
We took the elevator up and my mum said sadly, "Sorry we are not going to get dinner... We are going to get dessert!" Confusion struck my and my brother's faces until we realised what this meant.
Smiling like a mad man at this one off I ordered the biggest dessert. When it arrived I gasped, it was 25cm from the bottom of the bowl to the top of this mountain of creamy goodness drizzled in a berry sauce (flowing down it into a collective puddle at the bottom, acting like a moat). One spoonful of this soft serve vanillery dessert and I knew this would be a moment to remember.
By Henry

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A long Road to Recovery

It happened at my house. Jacko and I were having a sweet time on the trampoline, but it quickly soured.

Jacko called out, "I'm going inside."

"I'll do one more flip," I exclaimed.

He leapt off the trampoline to watch me. I jumped higher, and higher and higher-until I finally attempted the double front-flip. I sluggishly flipped over - then a half flip. I was going to land on my head and hard. I launched my left arm forward and braced for impact.

The sound of bones crunching unnaturally and flesh tearing echoed through the air. I sat up and revealed my arm to Jacko. The expression on his face was pure horror - it looked like he'd just seen a murder.

I scanned the length of my arm and realised that half of my forearm was detached. The only thing holding my arm together was my skin. I felt cold liquid run down my leg. I looked down and saw fresh blood trickle out of my arm. A bone had punctured my skin.

I looked at Jacko and simply said, "Go get Dad!"

Monday, 9 June 2014

Stu Duval Visits Russley School

Today we had a follow-up workshop with famous New Zealand author Stu Duval. Monday's session was cool stuff about drawing cartoons and creating characters. Today we learned Stu's writing tips, they are; 1. Don't start your story with a weather report, 2. Start your story with action, reaction, more action. 3. Put the bait on the hook and reel in your audience. 4. Get stuck? Write 5 possible scenarios. 5. Start at the end and work backwards using the five keys of what, where, who, when and why. 6. Write with music. Stu had great ideas for us as writers and we teachers are going to try some of his techniques. The photo shows Stu in action, watched intently by his audience.