Reading Homework

Parents Page
Click on this link to find out why reading is so important for our teenagers.

Book Review
Create a book review of your favourite novel to share with the class. Include the title and author. A brief outline of the story and a comment about why you are recommending the book.

NEWS Use this website to follow the news.

News Summary
Choose a news article that you have found interesting on this site. Create a summary of it to share with the class. You need to use the seven servants to help you find the key ideas; who, what, where, when, why, how and which. You can publish your summary in the comments box or in your homework book.

Further Reading: Questions and Answers
This website has a lot of information that can help you with research topics. You can ask a real person questions you want answers to and they will tell you where to go to find it.  There are already many answers already prepared.

If I was the author
Think about a book you have read recently.Think about how the author chose to end the story. Write the authors ending then decide, if you were the author how would you choose to end the story. Please write the name of the book and the author as well as the two endings. (record this in your homework book or as a comment on the blog)

This is Important
Think about something very important that happened in the story. What was the event and how did it change the story. Draw a picture in your homework book of the event. Record the name of the book and the author.

Book Week Activities
Use this website to check out the latest books available
Read through the booklist and create an interest list of books you think you might like to read this year. Complete this task in your homework book.

Complete an activity from the Crafty Kids Page on this website.

Poster    Contest

Explore your artistic sides while celebrating books and reading. You can also share your favourite books with each other in a different way than the standard book report. Create an A3 poster illustrating a favourite book. Posters are due no later than Monday 4th May.
Posters will be hung around the room for the week. On Thursday, students will vote for their favourite poster by secret ballot.  1st, 2nd, and 3rd-place prizes will be awarded on Friday.


  1. Spirit Animals

    Tale of the Great Beasts written by Brandon Mull

    Long before they were spirit animals Briggan the Wolf, Uraza the Leopard, Jhi the Panda and Essix the Falcon walked the world as Great Beasts. The most powerful beings in Erdas. When a mad and dangerous king arose, they teamed up to defeat him. They had help from an army of humans and animals, still the wolf, leopard, panda and falcon had to give their lives to bring down the mad king.

    This is the story of the Great Beasts.

    Aditi Sharma

  2. I have not heard this story before Aditi. Thanks for sharing this review with us. Keep up the great reading.

  3. Series- Warriors
    Title- Into the Wild
    Author- Erin Hunter

    When an ordinary house cat named Rusty ventures out into the forest behind the fence he discovers four Clans of wild cats sharing the forest according to the laws of their ancestors. The Thunderclan welcomes Rusty to train and fight with them against the Shadowclan which is growing stronger every day. Noble warriors are dying some are more mysterious than others. Rusty is named Firepaw and trains daily he soon becomes a noble warrior and fights for his clan.

    This book is a action-packed adventure and I recommend it to all readers.

    Kaile :P

  4. This is a well written summary Kaile and it certainly sounds like an action-packed book. Thanks for promoting this book to our class.

  5. Girl Online
    By Zoe Sugg

    Penny is a young British girl from Brighton, who suffers anxiety and panic attacks. She got anxiety from when she was a bit younger during a car crash with her parents. Penny's neighbour Elliot, is Penny's best friend. Penny's parents own a wedding planner service, and their newest wedding client is in New York, and she has to go with them because of her panic attacks, while her older brother Tom stays at home. One day after she gets to New York, she meets a guy called Noah. Noah and Penny, hung out a lot, and end up falling in love. Penny and her parents end up staying at Noah's Grandma's place with, Noah and his sister Bella. Noah and Penny celebrated Christmas and New Year's together. Penny ends up writing all about Noah on her blog, She calls him Brooklyn boy. When she gets back home in Brighton, She finds out about Noah's secret he forgot to tell her about. Noah's sister wanted to see Penny again in Brighton, and Noah needed to talk to Penny, and they sort their problem out.

    I absolutely Loved this Novel/Book, I couldn't put it Down, And I would highly recommend to all readers!

    Alisha Sangster.

  6. This sounds like a really good story that lots of kids could relate to. I am so glad you have found a book that you enjoyed so much. Would you recommend this book to a certain age group?