Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Corban is my younger brother. He is smaller than me in two ways, both height and age. If I stand beside him, he measures to my shoulder. His blonde hair is as thin as straw. Corban has big blue eyes like the sea water. He has knobbly knees and skinny legs that remind me of a baby giraffe learning to walk.
Corban has more energy than any 9 year old that I know. If you're looking for him he will be playing soccer, rugby or running. When we go outside we tackle. He is funny and annoying, but even though he is annoying, he is still my friend.
by Mitchell

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Pile

The Pile

It grew and grew
Warm winds to bitter southerlies
Green leaves aging to old withered and brown
And yet it still grew
Hopeful winter turned to doubtful summer
The rubbish stench wafting; ruining the fresh air
The match striking the box
Flames erupting like a volcano; licking the trees and scorching the rats
No chance to escape being fried alive
Black smoke curling like a fingers grasping the clouds
Smouldering for days
Again it grows and grows waiting to be lit once more

By Joel Nicholls

My Grandma

“Hello, hello!” I would always receive as I strolled casually inside the ‘Invercargill Domestic Airport Terminal’. Hugs and handshakes were given out generously from my grandparents on our short reunion, before they would sign me out of the ‘UMMN’ (Unaccompanied Minor Programme). We would then go to collect my bag, my grandma and I would also have a brief conversation about the week that’s been since I last called them.

I will always remember my Grandma’s hair go from a light brown to a snowy white over the years. Every piece of clothing that she wore had at least two different colours like her garden, which was another one of her passions, her love of colours. Her purple decadent glasses were one of the many parts of her personality, she was almost unrecognisable without them on, unless you didn’t know who she was; that was basically impossible, she had mere hundreds of friends, every time she would meet with a friend she would always have a connection to the people around her.    

Sitting knee deep in the very colourful, luscious garden was always where my grandma be, her hobby, her passion, her life. If she ever got the chance she would always spend at least half an hour planting, pruning or weeding her most amazing garden. If it was raining she would sit inside using her ‘Kindle’ or playing solitaire on the computer (only when she was trying to avoid watching ‘Top Gear’ on the television (Grandad’s favourite show!) she thought that it was horrible with the comedy involved!)

When I was with my Grandma we would always go to the supermarket and buy ‘Trumpet’ or ‘Magnum’ ice creams (She would always use me as an excuse to buy sweet sugary things!) But that would be after she would have met with a friend for a ‘cuppa’ or lunch ...
By Alec D  :D

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

My Brother Harrsion!

"OMG I hate this game!" my brother yells at the people in his team for a mistake he made.

That's my brother Harrison. You'll hear that every night if you're "lucky". We'll watching T.V. when he has his headphones on he will hear nothing, which is quite annoying when you want to talk to him.You have to yell "Harro!"a couple of times.

My brother was born in Nelson '97 around five years before me.

Over the last four or so years me and my bro have developed quite the rivalry. He will beat me up for no apparent reason! Sometimes I'd just be lying there and he would just stroll up and punch me in the leg, which I find quite rude.

His face is a rough surface with his pimples just like a battered concrete path. Harrison's breath stinks just like food that has been smothered in flies.His deep blue eyes change from blue to bloodshot red when he gets angry(he will get angry easy).

This is my brother Harrison. I've told you all the interesting things about him (from his room which I won't go into, but it is literally a bomb-site).

By Riley Goad

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Its work time so Larrisa's long, black, thick hair is tied in a perfect bun. Her makeup is immaculate. Her black mascara makes her brown eyes stand out. Larrisa strolls down the aisle. Giving food and water as well as asking people if they want tea or coffee, and looking after passengers.
When Larrisa's not at work her long hair falls behind her shoulders. When its out its like Rapunzel's hair.
My cousin is fun to be with. She takes me out shopping when my mom is busy.  She is funny, kind, helpful and nice. I am really lucky to have a cousin like her.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Bridge to House

My brother Bill and I were posing crazily for a photo for our parents before we started our trip to Miami, Florida - our favourite place to go for a holiday.

37 hours later, after the worlds longest game of Eye Spy, we made it. We headed to the house on the beach side, but first we had to cross an old flimsy suspended bridge to get over the deep trench  around the house. It creaked and swung and swayed. We  went inside and found out that there was no milk, so we all drove over the bridge again to get to the local store. It swung back and forwards like a pendulum on a grandfather clock as we drove across.

With two three litre milk cartons we started to head home. The view of the beach was amazing; all  different shades of yellow sand and  hints of orange shimmering on the crisp, clear blue water. The deep blue reached out then cascaded across the golden sand. We got to the house and were crossing the bridge when CRACK! We were falling into the trench. Our screams were heard everywhere. Even by the dead. We were stuck in the car underwater and the car was slowly filling up with the blemished water.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Nga Kupu ruma toru have learned so far;
 heihei  (chicken), poitarawhiti (netball),nau mai (welcome), rangi (sky), kaiako (teacher), marama (moon), Otautahi (Christchurch), paremata (parliament).

Keep practicing you mihi.

Room 3 Pirates

Room 3 pirates nearly ready for our full school production on the 17th and 18th of September. Keep up the great effort at rehearsals. You look amazing.

Hockey success

Congratulations Russley A team off to Centrals next week. Good luck!!

Congratulations Joel on all your swimming success.


Thursday, 3 July 2014

1 likes to be 1.0 and move dot one two right it’s 100%.

½ likes to be 0.5 and move dot one two right it’s 50%.

¼ likes to be 0.25 and move dot one two right it’s 25%.

¾ likes to be 0.75 and move dot one two right it’s 75%

1/3 likes to be 0.333 and move dot one two right it’s 33%.

2/3 likes to be 0.666 and move dot one two right it’s 66%.

1/5 likes to be 0.2 and move dot one two right it’s 20%.

1/8 likes to be 0.125 and move dot one two right it’s 12.5%.

5/8 likes to be 0.625 and move dot one two right it’s 62.5%.

1/9 likes to be 0.11 move dot one two right it’s 11%.

1/10 likes to be 0.1 move dot one two right it’s 10%   

This is the simplest form that we have to know, so let’s hear again to what we know!
By Emily

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Homework - Maths

This week choose some fraction, decimal, percentage conversions and post them in an interesting way to your blog. You might choose a rap, song, poem, story or anything you think will help you remember.
Here is my attempt at a poem.

1/2 is 0.5 - a good one to know
if you want 50% off at the show
1/4 is 0.25 - not much of a pie
"25% I wanted more," I sigh
1/5 is 0.2 - that's even less
20% a very small mess
3/4 or 0.75 sounds better
75% is a real 'go getter'
1/3 is 0.333 - that repeats
33% more would be really neat
2/5 is 0.4 and nearly a half
40% would just make me laugh
2/3 is 0.666 - another repeater
66% would be even neater
3/5 is 0.6 - making 60% (percent)
80%, 4/5, 0.8 would be more money leant
Now my brains tired from all these conversions
Try some yourself , I'm sure you can learn some!!

Mrs Stretch

Fabulous Students at Russley School Music Night

Such talented performers.

Sunday, 22 June 2014


Coming back from Disneyland we pulled into the hotel car park. I asked my mum, 'What's for tea?'
"Um, we will get something from the hotel restaurant ok?"
We took the elevator up and my mum said sadly, "Sorry we are not going to get dinner... We are going to get dessert!" Confusion struck my and my brother's faces until we realised what this meant.
Smiling like a mad man at this one off I ordered the biggest dessert. When it arrived I gasped, it was 25cm from the bottom of the bowl to the top of this mountain of creamy goodness drizzled in a berry sauce (flowing down it into a collective puddle at the bottom, acting like a moat). One spoonful of this soft serve vanillery dessert and I knew this would be a moment to remember.
By Henry

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A long Road to Recovery

It happened at my house. Jacko and I were having a sweet time on the trampoline, but it quickly soured.

Jacko called out, "I'm going inside."

"I'll do one more flip," I exclaimed.

He leapt off the trampoline to watch me. I jumped higher, and higher and higher-until I finally attempted the double front-flip. I sluggishly flipped over - then a half flip. I was going to land on my head and hard. I launched my left arm forward and braced for impact.

The sound of bones crunching unnaturally and flesh tearing echoed through the air. I sat up and revealed my arm to Jacko. The expression on his face was pure horror - it looked like he'd just seen a murder.

I scanned the length of my arm and realised that half of my forearm was detached. The only thing holding my arm together was my skin. I felt cold liquid run down my leg. I looked down and saw fresh blood trickle out of my arm. A bone had punctured my skin.

I looked at Jacko and simply said, "Go get Dad!"

Monday, 9 June 2014

Stu Duval Visits Russley School

Today we had a follow-up workshop with famous New Zealand author Stu Duval. Monday's session was cool stuff about drawing cartoons and creating characters. Today we learned Stu's writing tips, they are; 1. Don't start your story with a weather report, 2. Start your story with action, reaction, more action. 3. Put the bait on the hook and reel in your audience. 4. Get stuck? Write 5 possible scenarios. 5. Start at the end and work backwards using the five keys of what, where, who, when and why. 6. Write with music. Stu had great ideas for us as writers and we teachers are going to try some of his techniques. The photo shows Stu in action, watched intently by his audience.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Storm

The sky is clear
yet animals are hasty
to reach shelter
from the incoming storm

Light and heat subside
overridden by the clouds
that bring forth the rage
of the incoming storm

Thunderous rain
and lightning bright
are symptoms the sky has taken
from the illness of the storm

Claps of thunder
boast and gloat
with the roar of the lion
as continues the storm

The worst hath past
clouds roll away
as abruptly as they came
as begin to subside doth the storm

The sky is clear
and from the hidden homes
return the animals
as endeth the storm.

Cancer the Crab

Your stars are in full swing 
Do not let yourself pinch through others 
Your razor sharp claws are something that could start a war 
So stay in the shadows for now 
If you wish to keep your friends 
By Henry

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Virgo Horoscope


22-August 22-September

Today is a great day for you! Everything that you do will be as successful as you can get. Today is the best time to try new things or to buy a lotto ticket. But be warned the next few days of your life may not be so successful. You could lose your job forever or accidently drive off a cliff but that of course is not important just enjoy your day but if anything happens it’s just the turn of the tide!
By Alec

Thursday, 6 March 2014

                                                         Star sign

                                         From the 23 of August - 22 of September

                          On this day you have two choices.
                          Be loyal and organised or,
                         don't be and face the wrath of
                         mother nature herself.

                         By Jayda


Today your emotions will get in your way
Do not let your dreams block your destiny from you anymore
So take that step right out the door
Or fall hopelessly away
From waht you need to say
And your nerves will behave.

By Henry

Libra horoscope



(September 23 ~ October 22)


Are you calm and curious because your knowledge of space is extinct?

You may need to stop and smell the roses, then your ruling planet Venus may help your blackness of space

By Karmen*-TsH_3GpB4fA*TdgkfU6p-JI*AAAAAAAADos*aAt24kLkqVg*s1600*libra.jpg


Libra Horoscope


(September 23 ~ October 22)


Your ruling planet is not in line.

This week, when you talk to your friends

your words will hurt their feelings like

a rose prickle.

To make your scales in balance,

draw a picture of your favourite thing

 in indigo blue.

By Rei





Cancer the crab


Today your stars have arrived

Your small weak hands are like a giant crabs claws

So stay inside with your curtains closed and wear you bunny slippers on your ears or you’ll lose friends by the dozen.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Star signs

You must be crazy to go out today, because terror and harm will lie in your way. You either go out or face it or stay, in your house with a bodyguard on side all day  
by joel    

Thursday, 20 February 2014


Cancer Star Sign


(June 22~ July 23)


Be organised on special Monday! Put some larkspur in a vase, because you heart will tell you what will happen today. Or else put some armour on to defend from the heart attack that is heading your way!


By Emily


     Beware your  stars have aligned.
               Try to not get energized or your
               Legs will keep on moving until
               They fall off. So avoid getting
               Energized and to be sure tie your
               Laces together.

Taurus Star sign

Be aware today at 6:40pm you will see green and yellow colours, on Friday. I advise you to have 4 violet , flowers and wear poppy pyjamas. or have a bull as your pet for 64 hours.

By Olivia Cadenhead



Next week on this same day

your stars will be sucked into a black hole

leaving you with no thumbs or big toes.

If you do not wish this to happen

sleep in a potato sack with your toes facing

where the Scorpio stars should have been.



Sorpio Horoscope 21/02/14

Beware your stars have merged with the darkness behind them. You should lie in bed all day, or face the harm and amnesia heding your way.

Written,published and edited by Cameron.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

star sign

This is your day the stars have aligned.Later today you are going to make a break through and be a billionaire.Whatever you do turn up to work,also be aware as you will get chased by women I recommend you get in a car straight away.

Gemini star sign

Be aware Jupiter will get aligned with Mercury on Tuesday. To avoid losing your shoes, wear odd socks and yellow clothes, because Wednesday might not be as good as you planned.

by Alisha

If your star sign is Scorpio...


Be wary of those around you today. Do not let the arrows of betrayal and harsh feelings penetrate your shell. Disaster may await, you may have to veer to the side of your typical routine. Wear two socks on one foot, if it makes you feel better.

Written, edited and published to this website by Daniel

Aquarius horoscope

Today is your day. Your element will flare, the sun will arise, you will float in the air. Your planets have changed so beware where you step, not everyone's safe so make sure you take care. Because  bullets can harm so make sure your aware when they pierce through  the air like unkind words of displeasure.

by Joel Nicholls