Monday, 23 September 2013


Sun-warmed sand crumbles beneath my soles,
The sea rolls towards me...lip,lap,lip,lap,
The aroma of fish'n'chips wafts past,
And colourful buckets and spades litter the sand,
Salty sea air flows through my lungs,
My mouth waters at the taste of ice-cream,
I lie there and tan.

Seasons turned

The sun's behind a cloud,
Damp sand, dense, and solid beneath my feet
The sea still rolls towards me...crash,splash,crash,splash,
The reek of rotting seaweed fills the air,
And old grey drift wood lies about like dead soldiers,
Chilling sea air freezes my lungs
A hot chocolate would be great,
I walk on and shiver.

How dolphins communicate.

Dolphins communicate by making sounds. These sounds include; clicks, pops,groans, whistles,squawks and chirps, that travel easily underwater.

Firstly, to communicate a dolphin makes a sound, this sound travels through the water for about 800 metres or until it reaches another dolphin. This dolphin then processes the sound through it lower jaw. After it processes the sound, it sends one back as a reply. The dolphins continue this process until they finish their conversation.

Dolphins communicate to get food and to talk to each other.Each sound a dolphin makes has a different meaning, but because dolphins can only a limited amount of sounds, each sound has several different meanings. Kathleen Dudzinski (scienist) did some research on what dolphin sounds mean. If a dolphin whistles it might be saying, "Hey it's me." A squawk followed by a whistle might be a dolphin saying, "I want to play." This example shows that a  whistle  has two different meanings,  and is used in two different ways.

By Jordyn H 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

"HEAT SEEKER INBOUND!" yelled Po, as the plane swerved violently to the right, narrowly missing the missile, but smashing like a wrecking ball through glass, on a tall, run-down building. Instantly, three of the seven wings fell off, causing the pilot to land in enemy territory.
"RUUUUUUNNNNNN!" yelled Lala as the team just escaped the massive explosion. Bob the pilot was caught on his seatbelt (how ironic) and didn't make it.....
After  a few minutes of hiding Lala called to regroup.
"Did anyone manage to salvage some weapons?" she asked. as they walked over to the destroyed helicopter wreckage.
"No," notified Po
"Well then Tinky Winky, what's our position?"
Tinky Winky walked over to Lala and showed him the GPS on his wrist.
"Uncharted," said Lala
"WELL GREAT!' shouted Po, as he kicked the ground in rage, only to be blasted aside
as a land mine blew all 3 of them flying into a hole plumetting down into the darkness...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

T-Day - The Return

Ten years have past since the loss of the leader of the TTCTS (Tellie Tubbies Counter-Terrorist Squad.) It's been a rough decade. The terrorists have gained power, due to Handy Manny's PHD in building unbelievably powerful nuclear weapons. "We need to get out there and do something!" moaned Po.
"I know, its just..."
"Its just what, Lala? It's been ten years of 'its just', now we need to do something."
'BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP' rang the diamond plated Morgan Freeman voiced tellie-phone.
"Hello TTCTS, this is Barrack Hussein Obama the II. I need you guys to fly over to Syria. It's an emergency. The survival of the world as we know it depends on you succeeding."
"Get ready," said Lala. "It's been a long time since we were out in the field, so we'll have to have our wits about us." 
After 7 minutes of flying on the AA77 SHIRODOUKEN MUMBO-JUMBO BAT-WING CHINCHILLA Spy plane...of death, they arrived in مخرم الفوقاني only to regret ever coming....

Sunday, 15 September 2013

T-Day: The Beginning

T-Day: The Beginning

"Move in!" yelled Dipsy to the others.
"We have to make the deadline!" shouted Lala, as they desperately sprinted through New York City towards Hudson Bay.
"20 minutes until Dora's bomb goes off!" said the Wot Wots through their head sets.
"There's Hudson Bay!" said Po. "I'll contact the Wot Wots and tell them to drop in the jet skis."
The jet skis fell from an AA12 Nightfury Hadouken Spyplane. The Tellie Tubbies jumped onto their jet skis and sped uncontrollably towards Manhattan Island. 
"Five minutes until deadline," yelled Dipsy 
"Get your M14s out," yelled Po. "Fire at will." BANG BANG !
"DOWN AND OUT!' yelled Lala as Boots plunged to the bottom of the sea.
"There isn't enough time," said Dipsy.  "You guys go, I'll take Dora."
"We meet again old foe/lover/friend/dad," said Dora.
" Indeed," replied Dipsy. 
Dipsy suddenly made a mad dash for the bomb with no regrets. As he grabbed the bomb he ran towards the edge of the water, with Dora close behind.
5, 4, 3, 7, 2......(the Tellie Tubbies haven't done the counting episode yet) 


By Josh and Henri