Thursday, 28 November 2013

Character Discription

I look through a crack in the door. I see a girl with brown, frizzy, messy hair. Her brown, happy eyes are full of life. Her small, oval ears listening to the radio. Her rounded nose smells the pellet fire burning  away in the room. Her mouth is in the form of a smile shouting "HELLO!" Her strong shoulders are relaxed while holding her bag, bus card, keys and phone. Her skin reflects her personality. Her long, skinny arms are stronger than they look. Her skinny body wears tight clothing- blue jeans, black t-shirt, walking shoes and a jersey. Her long legs add extra height onto her. Her name is Emily. Her effect on others is happy-ness. Her opinions are "feet are another alien." She feels happy, it shows. As I walk through the door she shouts "HELLO!"

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