Tuesday, 4 November 2014

My Brother Harrsion!

"OMG I hate this game!" my brother yells at the people in his team for a mistake he made.

That's my brother Harrison. You'll hear that every night if you're "lucky". We'll watching T.V. when he has his headphones on he will hear nothing, which is quite annoying when you want to talk to him.You have to yell "Harro!"a couple of times.

My brother was born in Nelson '97 around five years before me.

Over the last four or so years me and my bro have developed quite the rivalry. He will beat me up for no apparent reason! Sometimes I'd just be lying there and he would just stroll up and punch me in the leg, which I find quite rude.

His face is a rough surface with his pimples just like a battered concrete path. Harrison's breath stinks just like food that has been smothered in flies.His deep blue eyes change from blue to bloodshot red when he gets angry(he will get angry easy).

This is my brother Harrison. I've told you all the interesting things about him (from his room which I won't go into, but it is literally a bomb-site).

By Riley Goad

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  1. Great writing Riley. You and your brother certainly have a great rivalry.