Wednesday, 5 June 2013

wool book promotion

Wool is an amazing book
Wool is a book written about nuclear warfare and in New York the people are forced to live in silos and only have one camera pointing out of the ground and people have to clean it. Holston's wife, Sherrain, has to do the cleaning as she had stole a young lamb and killed it. Because of this she was forced out to clean the camera although once you go out you cant come back in so eventually you run out of air and die. Holston was going crazy at the death of his wife so he  raged and was shot down after killing the mayor of the silo (silo 18) but they thought that was the only one. Alison goes out and fails to clean the camera after Holson though she runs over a hill where everyone died and saw on the other side more people and another silo.
If the lies don't kill you the truth will.
Wool one of my favourite books rated 9/10 for around 12 year olds or in that area kind of violent but an great book written by Hugh Howey.
Seeds in a silo rot so why wouldn't humans?
By Henry Chandler


  1. Sounds intruiging, Henry. Where can I issue it?

  2. your local library will have it most likely it came out about a year ago if not i can lend you a copy

  3. Wow, sounds amazing I will read it thanks Henry ill get it soon.