Monday, 23 September 2013

How dolphins communicate.

Dolphins communicate by making sounds. These sounds include; clicks, pops,groans, whistles,squawks and chirps, that travel easily underwater.

Firstly, to communicate a dolphin makes a sound, this sound travels through the water for about 800 metres or until it reaches another dolphin. This dolphin then processes the sound through it lower jaw. After it processes the sound, it sends one back as a reply. The dolphins continue this process until they finish their conversation.

Dolphins communicate to get food and to talk to each other.Each sound a dolphin makes has a different meaning, but because dolphins can only a limited amount of sounds, each sound has several different meanings. Kathleen Dudzinski (scienist) did some research on what dolphin sounds mean. If a dolphin whistles it might be saying, "Hey it's me." A squawk followed by a whistle might be a dolphin saying, "I want to play." This example shows that a  whistle  has two different meanings,  and is used in two different ways.

By Jordyn H 

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