Sunday, 15 September 2013

T-Day: The Beginning

T-Day: The Beginning

"Move in!" yelled Dipsy to the others.
"We have to make the deadline!" shouted Lala, as they desperately sprinted through New York City towards Hudson Bay.
"20 minutes until Dora's bomb goes off!" said the Wot Wots through their head sets.
"There's Hudson Bay!" said Po. "I'll contact the Wot Wots and tell them to drop in the jet skis."
The jet skis fell from an AA12 Nightfury Hadouken Spyplane. The Tellie Tubbies jumped onto their jet skis and sped uncontrollably towards Manhattan Island. 
"Five minutes until deadline," yelled Dipsy 
"Get your M14s out," yelled Po. "Fire at will." BANG BANG !
"DOWN AND OUT!' yelled Lala as Boots plunged to the bottom of the sea.
"There isn't enough time," said Dipsy.  "You guys go, I'll take Dora."
"We meet again old foe/lover/friend/dad," said Dora.
" Indeed," replied Dipsy. 
Dipsy suddenly made a mad dash for the bomb with no regrets. As he grabbed the bomb he ran towards the edge of the water, with Dora close behind.
5, 4, 3, 7, 2......(the Tellie Tubbies haven't done the counting episode yet) 


By Josh and Henri   

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