Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A long Road to Recovery

It happened at my house. Jacko and I were having a sweet time on the trampoline, but it quickly soured.

Jacko called out, "I'm going inside."

"I'll do one more flip," I exclaimed.

He leapt off the trampoline to watch me. I jumped higher, and higher and higher-until I finally attempted the double front-flip. I sluggishly flipped over - then a half flip. I was going to land on my head and hard. I launched my left arm forward and braced for impact.

The sound of bones crunching unnaturally and flesh tearing echoed through the air. I sat up and revealed my arm to Jacko. The expression on his face was pure horror - it looked like he'd just seen a murder.

I scanned the length of my arm and realised that half of my forearm was detached. The only thing holding my arm together was my skin. I felt cold liquid run down my leg. I looked down and saw fresh blood trickle out of my arm. A bone had punctured my skin.

I looked at Jacko and simply said, "Go get Dad!"


  1. Great writing Kareem I hope you do much more amazing writing over the year :-)

  2. Yeah I agree with Alec thats good writing