Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Book Promotion

Michael Morporgo

Alone on a wide wide sea


When a six year old boy Auther hobbhouse

Is taken away from his sister kitty before World War 2

To an orphanage in our back Australia called coopers station, which is where he meets his new best friend Marty.

The runner of this slavery hell as Marty calls is is Mr piggy bacon also known as “Piggy bacon” and his wife Mrs Bacon. All day at cooper’s station is just work, work, and work in the blistering heat of the boiling sun all day and when we finish our jobs there is always more. Auther and all the other kids at this orphanage are not the only slaves here in coopers station there is also a horse big black jack, piggy bacon works big black jack even more than he works us always pulling that heavy ploughing machine. After a while Marty and Auther just can’t handle it anymore and decide to run away with big black jack. Where will they go and will they find kitty Authers long lost sister?  
By Gypsy  

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