Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Book Promotion Red Centre

The five members of Alpha Force are testing a celebrity game show in the jungle, when they come across one of the worlds most dangerous terrorists, who has escaped from prison. Suddenly they are thrust into a deadly adventure, as they battle to save his hostages, and catch the desperate criminal, who will do anything to stay free.

Red Centre is written by Chris Ryan, a former SAS agent. It is one of a series of five books, all about the same five 15 year old kids, Amber, Li, Paulo, Hex, and Alex. Not only is the book an interesting fiction book, it has a lot of valuable information about real life things. What I like about these books is that while you have the main problem, there is usually another one two go along with it, like someone, might go down with a life threatening illness, or get bitten by a snake, and that is always interesting.
I would recommend this book to people ages 11-14
I rate this book 7 out of 10
By Joshua Paul



  1. This is an absolutely amazing book review! I'll buy it off you for $250!

  2. Great book review Josh. Great to see you reading such sophisticated material.