Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Book Promotion Inheritance

Inheritance is a great book about medieval times, although there is also magic and dragons so it is a great fiction for younger audiences. I would recommend it for ages 10 to 14 although it may also appeal to younger readers. But, at that age I read it and understood most of it. There are lots of made up creatures, although some of the more common like dwarves and elves, although there was one I had never heard of until I read this book HUMANS. It is not all just talking and walking across the land of Alagaesia featuring the elves in Du Weldvarden the forest that always grows. The dwarves living in the Beor mountains, to climb high enough to see the peaks, would have to journey for miles and miles straight up and the empire ruled by Galbatorix as the Varden freedom fighters journey with Eragon a dragon rider to try and topple the evil king Galbatorix, but many challenges await him.
written by Christopher Paolini although the last in the Eragon cycle it is still the best

I rate this book 8 out 10

by Henry Chandler


  1. A great review Henry. The Eragon series are great books. Keep up the good reading

  2. an amazing book review Henry one of the best series ive ever read good job