Wednesday, 10 April 2013

stormy warrior by Joshua O'Halloran


                                                 Explosions of mist were as scary
                                                                as ghosts
                                              in a graveyard located in Christchurch.

                                            The lightning tomohawk were as emotionless
                                                                    as a toy
                                                   in an abandoned toy shop in auckland.

                                               The blizzards hidden blades were as fast
                                                      as greyhounds hunting for ducks
                                                                 in Cutts road.

                                                    The hail rope darts were as brave
                                                                  as a nest of bees
                                                          attacking a nest of wasps
                                                               in pinehurst cresent.

                                                     The flooding swords were as tall as
                                                                       as fifty giraffes
                                                             joining together in Hornby.

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